About Ross

I’ve been creating all my life. I am a practising garden designer based in South Derbyshire and have been producing stone sculptures, initially commissions for clients garden spaces, since early 2000.

I’ve always been fascinated by stone. My early memories are of climbing mountains and pocketing stone. I work in stone on an almost daily basis. And I still climb mountains.

I love its permanence. The limestones of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire abound with fossils, and elude to the dawn of life on earth, with stone aged at over 360 million years old.

I particularly like working in limestone. Locally, there is such heritage in its use. Sometimes it is only at the end of creating a piece that the fossil content reveals itself – in bands, in colouration and often as individual icons. It is a constant delight.

It’s as much about the stone as it is the shapes and forms created. I have produced a wide range of sculpture, abstracted rather than literal.  Inspiration is usually drawn from the natural world, with an accent to shapes & form, and most importantly, rhythm & movement.

I love line – but it is invariably simple. I take influence from early 20th Century sculptors who refined the sculptural form to its essence, their influence remaining as powerful an element in much contemporary art.  I aspire to the interplay of light and shadow they created by the subtlety of form, line and movement.

Commonly my work is described as tactile, demanding to be touched.  I enjoy the process, the range of texture possible, and it reflects in my work.

About the Work

I work primarily in different forms of limestone. They may be sited outdoors as well as internally.  Treated with Lithofin stainstop, works are then waxed with a form of natural Beeswax to prevent degradation or discolouration.

Works may or may not include plinths or pedestals, though these can be supplied if required.  I am happy to provide a full installation service.

Some of the sculptures in the gallery are available for sale. Prices start at £450. Please get in touch if you are interested in a specific work. I am always happy to work with you in producing a commission.